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Attrezzo 2in1 monta e smonta MissingLink PowerLock

Prezzo: €8,98

Pinza 2 in 1 monta e smonta MissingLink TB-3323

Qualità professionale.

Attrezzo professionale per smontare e montare in un attimo tutti i vari tipi di falsamaglia per catene da 8 a 12 velocità

Super B’s geniuses patent and award-winning 2 in 1 master link pliers that allows the chain to be installed and removed by hand Bold and simple is our philosophy. No complicated structure any more.Unique design and specially sized jaws to make removal and connection of master links quick and easy.Made from precision, high-grade steel and featuring cushion grips for comfort.It’s easy to use and built to last for professionals’ daily use


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